A residential district that looks to the future

Natura Park is a holistic and energy-efficient living environment in the middle of greenery. Today, the region is a home for dozens of young families who start living together, and have bought their first very own home. Our apartments are affordable for young people, thanks to B-energy class houses, it is possible to use Kredex guarantee programs when applying for a bank loan. All apartments are equipped with high-quality kitchen furniture and appliances.

Natura Park is a green city park, where all the amenities of city life are within easy reach, public transport connections have been established and light traffic roads pass through the area. It is the best place to raise a child, lead a healthy lifestyle and work together.

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Kotermaa 11 & 13
Vaata kõiki valminud projekte
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New apartments

Kotermaa 11 & 13

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Kõik valminud projektid

New apartments

Kotermaa 11 & 13

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Tagala 10a & 10b

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Moonalao 7 and Moonalao 11

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This could be your dream home

Convenient and safe

There is a shop in front of the building and Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre is just a short drive away. The properties are secured with barriers, and there is ample room for parking and a fast connection with the city centre.

Healthy lifestyle

Several health and sports trails start at your front door, so you can stay fit and exercise in the open air, surrounded by greenery. People who take exercise very seriously can also visit the sports clubs nearby.

Sense of community

Give your children the chance to enjoy a great childhood in safety and away from the noise of the city. You'll be surrounded by friendly neighbours who always greet you with a smile.

Natural and spacious environment

This is a home in the lap of nature - considerable greenery, birdsong and fresh air for your family. Go for a walk on the health trails or take your children to the playground.

Sale information.

Reserve an apartment

A reservation agreement is entered into with the buyer when an apartment is reserved, and the buyer must pay the agreed deposit to confirm their intention to buy.

Contract under the law of obligations

A notarised contract under the law of obligations will be entered into with the buyer, setting out all the details of the transaction. The contract under the law of obligations will be entered into on the condition that the buyer has paid 5% of the purchase and sale value.

Real right contract

A notarised real right contract will be entered into with the buyer after the completion of the apartment building and the buyer will pay the rest of the sale price, after which ownership of the apartment will transfer to the buyer.

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